We are a specialist personal and professional hi-fi and high-end audio company dedicated to the leading edge of digital and analogue sound reproduction excellence, offering best in class equipment from across the globe. Sound technology, world class service and sonically superior musical reproduction have been our passion since 1992.

Whether you are buying a system from scratch or upgrading an existing set-up, we have the knowledge, expertise and equipment range to give you the best service and choice possible. Whether you are looking for a high-end audio system, a digital streamer, home cinema, the latest state-of-the art turntable, Bluetooth or planar headphones, top end monitoring & mastering equipment etc. we are here to help.

Every component in our audio and acoustics range is carefully selected. We make our choices based on the highest levels of performance (constantly pursuing the ‘best in class’ tag) and across the budget spectrum in order to ensure that you can experience the very best in what the audio world calls ‘fine sound’.

We believe that (with the right approach and within a wide range of budgets) high fidelity can be achieved for any audiophile. This is why we work closely with you to provide a solution that meets your needs in terms of budget, performance, style and exceeds your expectations.

Our ultimate goal is to help you assemble electronic components within an acoustically optimized listening room that will reveal a whole new world of delicate tonality, harmony, intonation, dynamics and soundstage. We want to help you elevate your sonic possibilities to a higher level and experience a clear high-definition soundscape which is so close to the original musical performance that it will take your breath away.

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