The combination of top technology, beautiful nature and good people is a winning combination for anyone who visits Pakrac in the days of Multipak!

In addition to the main program, we also organize a visit for all visitors to Pakrac and its surroundings - there is a carriage ride and a MultIzlet, which includes a tour of Pakrac, the Stud Farm in Lipik and the Omanovac Mountain Lodge located on the most beautiful part of the Psunj Hill, where you can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful green, natural environment.

Hi-Fi Expo

Actually, Multipak is more than a mere hi-fi exposition, it is an audio and video exhibition that is the focal event of each Multipak. During its peak weekend, there are more than a dozen of exhibitors from this part of Europe promoting audio and video devices rendering Pakrac the only place in Croatia where this equipment can be heard and seen at one place. There has been a wide range of devices shown, from those bargain priced to the most luxurious ones that can rarely be seen or heard anywhere else in Croatia. A large number of devices has been premiered right here in Pakrac which proves that Multipak is an audio and video experience you mustn't miss!



Multipak features, among other events, concerts of acclaimed performers. Let's mention only few of them such as Big Band Požega, klapa Dišpet, Damir Kukuruzović, Django Group, Tomi Novak and Anastasija Kaptelova, Zdenka Kovačićek, Muris Varajić, Solarship, Mayales, Mary May etc. Music is played all around, in listening rooms and in the streets, because Multipak makes Pakrac alive with nothing but good music!



If you are interested in how high-fidelity sound has been produced, what the traps of hi-fi world are or how hi-fi constructors rethink their masterpieces while producing them, then the lectures of renown domestic and international hi-fi constructors, whom you can meet in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, are indispensable events of Multipak.


Documentary Screenings

Screenings of recent brilliant documentaries also make part of Multipak. There is a whole range of those that have been screened so far and which are about to be screened but they all attract the audience of different generations proving that life tells stories that only few screenwriters might come up with.



Educational workshops have made part of Multipak since its very beginnings. It has always been our wish to bring cultural events closer to the general public in a somewhat different and more interactive way. Drumming workshops by Branko Trajkov Trak, artistic workshops, workshops of stop animation and aromatherapy….these are all the events that have given Multipak its special educational characteristic.


Books & Paintings

We also present different books and their authors during Multipak. Some of them made us travel the world, some made us learn new things and some made us think or rethink our lives because this is what literature does best – help us reach new notions and ideas! Multipak has been promoting a synergy of images, sounds, and words since its very beginnings, therefore, art exhibitions of renowned Croatian painters have always been a part of it. The coexistence of these related artistic expressions of painters such as Krunislav Stojanovski, Ivica and Kristina Mareković, Miro Martinić, Nikolina Zanetti and Artists' Cooperation Contra enrich this unique event year by year.


Mini Multipak

Mini Multipak is the name of the programme meant for children that bring different cultural topics such as film screenings, educational workshops, and listening rooms closer to them. Children have a unique chance to go through listening rooms where they meet excellent sound and music. This is our way to direct children from a very young age towards quality cultural topics that often more than not find their way to younger generations nowadays.


Good Garden

The venue of Multipak is a protected national heritage complex called Janković dating from the first half of the 18th century. Museum of Town of Pakrac and City Hall encompasses this wonderful garden that is the backstage of all events endowing Multipak with a special historic experience.

On Friday and Saturday during Multipak, the backyard of the complex Janković becomes the Good Garden – a place where you can experience different interesting events, programmes and activities such as a fair where original local produce is promoted and the traditional Multi Bean Stew prepared by the Craftsmen Cooperation of Pakrac and Lipik to both exhibitors and visitors. There are also street performers to entertain you. It is a starting point of the Cycling Sightseeing Tour of Pakrac and a place of the unique geocaching event. It is here in the Good Garden that you can mint your own coin of slavonski banovac, the first Croatian kuna that was minted in Pakrac, the first Croatian mint, in the 13th century.

Moreover, visits of Pakrac and its surroundings are organized for the visitors. You can choose from a sightseeing tour of Pakrac in a horse carriage and a Multi Excursion if you want to visit Pakrac, the State Stud Farm in Lipik and the Mountain Lodge Omanovac situated on the most beautiful slopes of the Psunj Mountain where you can enjoy clean air in the breathtaking green wildlife.

The blend of top-notch technology, gorgeous nature and nice people is a win-win situation for everyone who decides to visit Multipak and Pakrac!